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The weather is finally beginning to look up, and with hotter weather comes a delicious treat that will tantalise your tastebuds – Ice Cream. Gelato and ice cream shops have become increasingly popular in London as people look for a quick, cold refreshing snack that both adults and children will enjoy.

We remember the times as children when we’d get to go to an ice cream shop and there’d be a range of around 6 flavours. Now, there are so many different varieties, different sauces, toppings, styles of cone – the possibilities have suddenly become endless.

During your stay at The Belgrave, you may want to stretch your legs and go for a walk around Pimlico and grab an ice cream cone. Well luckily for you we have some local ice cream parlours that are within walking distance or a short tube journey away. These are some of our favourites and we hope you enjoy them, just as much as we do.

Waffles and ice cream at GioLato (Instagram: @Giolatouk)


15 Strutton Ground, London SW1P 2HY

13-minute walk from The Belgrave

The sign in the shop as you walk in says ‘Gelato fixes everything’, and they’re not wrong. Made fresh in store, this delightful boutique gelato shop has so many different flavours and drinks, you will want to go back for more. Some of their more inventive flavours include; coconut and blueberry, olive oil (which goes very will with the pistachio we’re told), saffron and popcorn flavour. You can get the ice cream in a tub, in one of their handmade waffles or a standard cone. They also do coffees, teas and hot chocolates and you can sit inside their delightful shop and enjoy so many different flavours of ice cream, you’ll wonder how you ever survived on rum and raisin or mint choc chip as a child!

Discover GioLato’s delicious treats on Instagram

Photo by The Ice Cream Project

The Ice Cream Project

11A Pont St, London SW1X 9EH

22-minute walk from The Belgrave

Anya Hindmarch has a wonderful selection of “unexpectedly delicious ice creams and sorbets”. This pop-up shop which is only open until the 27th August has some incredible flavours as well as some you may not think of as ice cream. Hindmarch mixes favourite brands with ice cream to create some tantalising tastes that mainly come from savoury sauces and condiments as well as some breakfast cereals and biscuits. Each flavour is unique, tastes like the food it’s from and is, quite simply, a delightful treat.

There are some interesting flavours, including Branston Pickles, Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce and Petit Pois, as well as Ambrosia Rice Pudding, Coco Pops and Rice Krispie flavours and even Tomato Ketchup. A shop not to be missed, it does get busy in the afternoon and on weekends, so plan in advance and maybe head there for a late breakfast ice cream double of Warburtons Crumpets and Lemon Curd.

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Photo by Amorino Gelato

Amorino Gelato  – London Chelsea

67A King’s Road, London SW3 4NT

30-minute walk from The Belgrave

If you’re out and about and slightly further afield from Pimlico, then try out Amorino. They have a wide range of different gelato products, including cakes, macarons, crepes and waffles as well as standard cones or tubs of ice cream. Classic flavours are the name of the game here, and they do monthly flavours that will definitely get you wanting more. The special edition flavours for August are Biscotto Amaretto, Cherry and Organic Spicy Pink Grapefruit.

The flavours here are more traditional than other ice cream parlours, but that doesn’t take away from how delicious they are and how pretty all the different desserts look. They also do a variety of hot drinks so you can use this as a nice break from walking around London and relax with a coffee and a tub of their amazing ice creams.

Discover Amorino Gelato’s selection of flavours

Photo by Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato – South Kensington

42-44 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London SW7 2LT

15-minute Tube ride or a 41-minute walk from The Belgrave

An exquisite little dessert café that does all manner of sweet treats, from traditional ice cream cones, to waffles and crepes, desserts and even affogato. A heady mix of Italian and British food will amaze you as you take in everything they have to offer.

All the gelato is handmade in the shop in the traditional Italian way, with flavours ranging from the classic chocolate, salted caramel or raspberry to different flavours like the Snowflake, Pear or Kiwi and Banana. Definitely one to visit while on your trip to London, it is a sweet treat dream.

Discover Snowflake Gelato’s exquisite flavours

Photo by Milk Train Cafe (Instagram: @milktraincafe)

Milk Train – Covent Garden

12 Tavistock St, London WC2E 7NY

24-minute Tube ride or 41-minute walk from The Belgrave and local to a lot of tourist attractions.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, quirky and still artfully tasty; then look no further than Milk Train in Covent Garden. Try one of their infamous candy floss ice cream cones or the travel inspired ice cream pints. Flavours include Rose and Raspberry, Mango Sticky Rice and Victoria Sponge Cake.

If you’re feeling adventurous, grab a table and have a candy floss milkshake, a very unique drink that will make you want even more. You can even choose their base ice cream and mix it with other options to create your very own unique flavour. If you’re wanting to have something different, but can’t decide, pick one of their sundae options and give the staff a chance to wow you with a mix of flavours they think you’ll like.

Discover more about Milk Train on their website

Photo by Ice Cream Union (Instagram: @icecreamunion)

Ice Cream Union

166 Pavilion Road, Chelsea SW1X 0AW

26 minute walk from The Belgrave or 18 minute tube ride

The Ice Cream Union is a popular choice in Chelsea. They source high-quality local ingredients, make their own nut paste, honeycomb and find the right flavours to create some incredibly tantalising ice cream that will want you going back for more. They produce over 50 flavours so there’s no shortage of finding your new favourite. Why not try their tangy Blackcurrant Sorbet or the surprisingly refreshing Cornflake flavour? You won’t regret heading over to the Ice Cream Union and getting a cone or two.

They also deliver throughout zone 1 and 2 in London, Monday to Saturday so if you don’t have the time to go in, you can order a couple of tubs and eat them at your leisure. Choose from 36 ice creams, 13 sorbets and 3 vegan flavours and enjoy great ice cream on your own time.

Discover more about the Ice Cream Union on their website

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With so much ice cream to choose from, it may be hard to find the perfect flavour for you. We hope these 6 parlours are the starter to your summer of trying out as many ice creams as possible! We look forward to hearing about the flavours you tried and which ones were your favourite. To book your stay at The Belgrave, click here.

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