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‘There is beauty in everything. Just not everybody sees it.’ – Andy Warhol

Among all the glitz, glamour, West End shows, and Instagrammable photo opportunities that London boasts, you’d easily be forgiven for forgetting to consider the many wondrous art hotspots our great capital is also home to. This is our guide to London’s best art galleries, venues and exhibits.

But don’t worry—our team has scoped out the hotspots that are home to some of the most unmissable, unique, hidden gems London offers. Whether you fancy immersing your senses in the city centre locations or heading a little off the beaten track, you can be confident that there’s an art gallery that caters to your design style and taste.

Tate Modern (image credit: Massimo Virgilio on Unsplash)

Tate Modern

Be a part of the 5.7 million visitors that Tate Modern welcomes every year! With its innovative, distinctive style of displaying its art pieces, you’ll soon immerse yourself in the various themes, regardless of their artistic chronology. One for modern art lovers, browse with utter adoration the works of Picasso through his ‘The Weeping Woman’ masterpiece or immerse yourself in William Blake’s The Ghost of a Flea work of genius.

The Tate is easily accessible from The Belgrave, with a journey taking less than 30 minutes from door to door. Before visiting, you can also download a detailed map and have complete peace of mind that your entry is free, with no need to book.

The Crypt Gallery in London (image credit:

The Crypt Gallery (beneath St Pancras Church)

This is perhaps one of the most hidden climatic art spaces in London. In 2002, the incredible space became a gallery, which is now enjoyed and adored by visitors from all corners of the globe. Throughout the year, it also hosts a wide variety of events, promoting many renowned artists, such as November’s feature, ‘Flight’, by David Breuer-Weil. Perhaps the most remarkable sights are the caryatids that govern the space, guarding the awe-inspiring natural beauty that the place portrays. Due to The Belgrave’s desirable location and the centrality of the Crypt Gallery, you can be there within as little as 20 minutes by hopping on the tube (Victoria Line) and alighting at Euston, where you can then simply enjoy a 5-minute walk.

Jealous Gallery Show (credit:


One of the most unique homes for fine art prints, one of Jealous’ fine art print studios and art galleries can be found in Shoreditch, the hub for culture, art and uniqueness. Boasting collaboration at every creative turn, JEALOUS homes many ever-changing Exhibitions, artwork from tens of innovative geniuses, as well as showcasing limited edition prints from The Saatchi Gallery, The Imperial War Museum and The British Museum, to name a few!

Discoverable by travelling a short distance on the Victoria and Northern line, we promise the 30-minute journey will be more than worth it. If you enjoy the first studio so much, don’t forget you can visit its sister studio, JEALOUS North, where you can advance book an appointment to secure your visit.  

Secret Art Gallery London (credit:

Secret Art Gallery London

Shh, don’t tell everyone about this little gem (a clue’s in the name!) Part of the gallery’s charm is how under-stated it looks; blink, and you’d easily miss its front view, which is probably the reason why it remains one of Shoreditch’s most overlooked art spaces. Home to unique events such as ‘The Battle of Street Art’, this hidden wonder showcases and champions the alternative pieces of the art world. Not only can you visit the gallery itself to peruse its talented offerings, but you can also meet the artists themselves at future events. A real treat for the senses, where getting up close and personal with every aspect of the art is just one of the many USPs Secret Art Gallery has to offer.

This gallery would accompany a visit to JEALOUS perfectly, as they are within half a mile of walking distance from one another. How beautifully convenient!

Serpentine North Gallery (image credit:

Serpentine North Gallery

Free to all visitors, including walk-ins, the Serpentine Contemporary Art Gallery isn’t one to be missed! Housing two art galleries spread across Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, depending on the time of year you decide to visit, you will have access to many inter-changeable exhibitions. In addition to the pavilion, an international site for architectural experimentation, you can also lap up other artistic offerings in the form of public art, digital art, live talks and lectures and delving deeper into nature and science. There really is something here for every member of the family.

With a handy travel guide accessible to all forms of travel, it couldn’t be more convenient to visit!

Goldsmiths University Degree Show (image

Goldsmiths University of London

Arguably the most unique venue of all is the Goldsmiths University of London. We proudly pushed ourselves to really ‘think outside of the box’ with this one! Through supporting their students’ boundless talent, countless unique exhibitions are waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Whether your interest is sparked by Queer Zine Library which celebrates radical LGBTQIA+ self-publishing, collections and archives, or ‘The Female Stranger’, which explores a feminist perspective on Migration, Asylum and Exploitation, there’s an exhibition for everyone. You’ll find each experience compelling, immersive and something you want to share for months to come.

Like all six of our art spaces mentioned in this article, Goldsmiths University of London comes highly recommended by our team and is undoubtedly worth the 40 min journey there. Jump on the tube (Victoria, Jubilee and Overground), sit back and relax!

As always, our friendly team at The Belgrave are on hand to help you decide which exhibitions to visit, as well as offering our personal opinions on each one; sharing a little about the visits that we have experienced ourselves.  

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